Overview - 911 Assist Call® Taker Training
911 Assist® is an innovative SYNC® feature that uses a Bluetooth-paired and connected mobile phone to help vehicle occupants initiate a direct call to the local 9-1-1 Communication Center following a vehicle crash event.
Ford Motor Company in collaboration with the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International, has prepared a comprehensive training package to help Call Takers answer 911 Assist® calls confidently and professionally.

What’s included on this website

This website is designed to give Call Takers information about SYNC and 911 Assist®, you will find a Call Taker Training Video, Quick Reference Guide, Frequently Asked Questions, Model Standard Operating Procedure and downloadable reference information.

Educating to help save lives

All 9-1-1 Communication Centers are encouraged to share the website information with Trainers and Call Takers to help prepare them for potential SYNC 911 Assist® calls, and to include this information in all new Call Taker Training. Since the number of SYNC® users is growing rapidly year over year (in the millions and counting), there is a potential for any Communication Center to receive a 911 Assist® call.

Ford Motor Company will continue to work with NENA and APCO and other organizations to help educate both 9-1-1 Communication Centers and public safety professionals about 911 Assist® and any future developments.

Thank you in advance and I hope you find the training invaluable in helping you process 911 Assist® calls in the most effective way.

Yours sincerely,
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Ty Wooten
Education & PSAP Operations Director

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Stephen J. Wisely,
Technical Services Manager


Doug VanDagens,
Director of Connected Services
Ford Motor Company

SYNC® is an in-car, voice-activated, fully integrated entertainment and communications system that allows Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury* drivers to control Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phones and virtually any digital media device with simple, intuitive voice commands. For more information about SYNC® and demonstration videos, please visit

*Ford Motor Company discontinued production of Mercury vehicles at the end of 2010.

911 Assist® is initiated within seconds of an airbag activation or fuel pump shut-off condition (that can be caused by rear impact). This advanced, in-car technology is designed to:

  • Help drivers get the assistance they need as swiftly as possible – when their vehicle’s been involved in a road accident
  • Make the process of handling calls from those vehicles as fast as possible.
  • Enable Call Takers to receive information that a crash has occurred and the ability to speak directly with the vehicle occupants.

Key benefits:

  • 911 Assist® is designed to be simple to use. After its initial set-up by the driver, their cell phone can connect with SYNC® every time they enter the vehicle.
  • Following an accident, every second counts. That's why 911 Assist® is set up to avoid using third parties for call handling: it just quickly connects vehicle occupants directly to 9-1-1 Call Takers.
  • Even if the vehicle occupants aren't responding, the technology behind SYNC® provides Call Takers with verbal information about the crash event.
  • 911 Assist® is triggered only when an airbag deploys, or by the emergency fuel-pump shut-off (in certain vehicles). The vehicle is not equipped with a push button for manual activation of 911 Assist® thus eliminating the Call Taker's chance of receiving false test calls.
  • 911 Assist® is not a subscription-based service and it uses an existing blue-tooth connected cell phone, so there's no contract or monthly fees for vehicle owners to worry about (or forget to renew). 911 Assist® is available and complimentary for the life of the vehicle from owner to owner.

You will find a short Call Taker Training Video and other useful videos about SYNC and 911 Assist®. Also provided are Frequently Asked Questions and downloadable content such as a Quick Reference Guide under Useful Resources. For a step-by-step description on how to handle a 911 Assist® call click below.

Handling a 911® Call

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